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Please note that we recently have been receiving an unusual amount of inquiries regarding Helix Capital Investments, Ltd. and Helix Capital Partners, Inc.  Be advised that Helix Capital Group, LLC. does not have, nor ever had, any relationship with those entities (financial, legal, or otherwise), or any of their personnel.  We encourage investors and consumers to conduct their due diligence: verify that the entities exist under the law of the respective country where they claim they have domiciled their business and are properly registered according to local laws, confirm whether there are any existing securities complaints by contacting the country's securities regulatory agencies, and visit the entity's office (if at all possible).  We also encourage investors to verify the custodian of their assets and strongly suggest that any custodian be a reputable financial institution.  While this information is not meant to be all encompassing, it is meant to encourage investors to be diligent and reduce their risk of becoming victims of fraud.